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My Top 10 Takeaways from the SEMrush Marketing Show

I attended the SEMrush Marketing show in Bangalore #semrushconf2019 this Thursday. It is their first show in India, and they did it in style. It was a jampacked Sheraton convention center with 3 tracks running–Growth, SEO, and Online Ads. There was a lot of information and session packed in one day… sometimes it was difficult to keep pace with it. I also spoke to Olga Andrienko - Head Of Global Marketing at SEMrush who was thrilled with the success of the event and says India is a big potential territory for SEMrush, the company which graduated from an SEO tool to a full-fledged SaaS application to analyze your competitors, research keywords, gain competitive intelligence, and grow your business.

My Top 10 Takeaways from this Event

  1. Create Content for People & Blogs – Consumers are driving the conversations, and they want to make educated choices without intrusive ads.
  2. Distribution Channel – Always think of the distribution channels before creating the content. If it’s text, then it’s Google.
  3. Sell a Solution – Every company is trying hard to change the mindset from product to solutions, so the companies that position solutions to a problem are winning.
  4. Give me 5 stars – People are shopping and engaging based on word of mouth, reviews, and feedback. Consumers do not trust the ads.
  5. Blogging – Blog post is the most used content marketing technique – 810 words is the average text length of a blog: however, Longreads of 3000+ words get x3 more traffic, x2 more shares, and x3.5 more backlinks than articles of average length
  6. Keep up with it – BERT, Voice, Virtual Assistants, Agile Marketing Process
  7. Top 5 skills required in the content marketing industry – 1. Marketing 2. Social Media 3. Strategy 4. SEO 5. Research
  8. Videos, videos, videos – 1 B unique visitors per month worldwide. In India, 500M are expected online video consumers by end of 2020. You do the math.
  9. India Fact – Users are finding comfort in their own languages – 9/10 new internet users are likely to be Indic users. 5x growth in Hindi searches for apparel & beauty.
  10. Fun Fact – According to Google, there is a 3x jump in watch time for science and cooking-related videos in India. It could be a great business opportunity to open a cooking YouTube channel.

SEMrush made a great start and announced their arrival in India in style. It was a great show for marketers and digital agencies. Hope to see you again #Semrush next year.

Shahid is the Founder of Jumpptech

Article Written by Shahid Khan
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