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Custom Chatbot Services in Bangalore,India

A smarter way to manage customer service.
A chatbot is simply a set of artificial intelligence software that imitates human interaction by employing textual and auditory methods through signals such as SMS, a website chat window or other social messaging services. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the convenience they offer to customers, who can communicate with them in their own language. From this point of view, the chatbot has become a new customer service representative that can be used to provide information and online shopping to clients, while also providing customer service. Chatbots are also available to help people with their addiction problems who don't want to talk directly with other people. The advantage of this type of chatbot is its immediacy and the ability to anonymously.

Benefits of Chatbot Services for Website

A chatbot can be very helpful for a business that may have a website that is also a shop. It could be a way for a business to enjoy a more personalized experience with their customers and to maybe even provide better customer service.
A chatbot can help make the customer experience more personalized which could make people more likely to buy from a business.
The chatbot can provide a more personalized experience to a customer and more tailored service. The chatbot would be able to answer questions from customers and also answer any questions from staff.
The chatbot could also give a person a more convenient way of contacting the business if they need something quickly.

What Jumpptech offers

At Jumpptech we provide quick and sharp Chatbot Services in Bangalore for web and mobile that can be implemented into diverse domains such as e-commerce, customer support, entertainment, delivery services, or healthcare.

Conversational Chatbots
We use the most suitable conversation chatbot development service and natural language processing technology for your business to help you apply AI to your application or website.
Social Media Bot Development
Our talented developers have developed chatbots that seamlessly communicate with your audience, adapt to any questions, automatically engage and appear more human than most social media programs available today.
We develop superbots that use natural language processing and machine learning to help users complete requested tasks. Our superbots can be deployed across multiple channels and collaborate with other robots in your ecosystem and third-party robots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do chatbots help businesses?
Chatbots can enable businesses with a large customer base to benefit from automated customer service. Chatbots will allow customer service representatives to focus on more challenging tasks that require a human touch. This ability to quickly and automatically responds to frequent requests are crucial for existing businesses seeking to compete in the marketplace.
Can you integrate the chatbot into my existing website or mobile app? 
Yes, of course, we provide global chatbot solutions. Integrating chatbots into existing mobile apps or websites is one of the main solutions we offer to our clients.
What kinds of questions does your chatbot answer?
Chat bots are designed to focus on the most essential customer requests and the common use cases, which is why it is so important to focus on mastering these top questions before adding new functions, functions that will eventually dull your focus.
How long does it take to deploy chatbots?
The time it takes to build a bot depends on the requirements in the instructions. The current record is 1-2 months when building as an average simple bot. However, if there is no clarity in the instructions or holes in development, it might take 2-3 weeks.
Does Bot only communicate in English?
Not necessarily. As a chatbot service company in India, we provide the multilingual chatbot solutions that many businesses require with help of machine translation, human translation, and a hybrid model with human translation content taking precedence wherever available.
What channels do chatbots support?
We have developed amazingly intuitive chatbots that allow you to engage and connect your customer through a variety of methods/channels like website, Facebook messenger, combining multiple software providers.
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